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Art Gallery is one of the country’s finest art museums welcoming over half a million visitors each year.

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Acrylic paintings are the most popular among our artists, their clients, and our gallery visitors. This type of paintings is safe for your health and is less affected by heat, while expressing a vast range of colours.


Being a basic painting material for artists since ancient times, oil provides great possibilities even today. Its transparency, opacity, and translucency allow to create the most captivating color fusions.

Canvas/Mixed Technique

A mixed media painting is one which combines different painting and drawing materials and methods, rather than only one medium. Such artworks are becoming more popular due to artists’ intense creativity.


Drawings in ink have been amazingly popular during the twentieth century and today they serve as the #1 decoration for homes and offices whose owners can’t afford big or full-colored paintings.


Watercolor is the #1 painting technique we were taught at school. With the development of equipment and supplies for painting, this genre has become more varied than any other type of paintings.


Nowadays, pencil is used not only in making sketches for future paintings but also for creating absolutely spectacular artworks that compliment any interior or art collection.


Granite sculptures are the oldest creative artworks based on stone carving, an activity available to humans since the dawn of times. This stone allows to create amazing and long-lasting sculptures.


Steel sculptures are a perfect option if you are looking for a way to make your home or office more attractive and sophisticated. Moreover, this material is sustainable and perfectly suites any interior/exterior.


Acrylic sculptures are the result of active technology development. This material can be found in objects and things we all use but when it comes to sculpting, acryl offers outstanding flexibility.