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Maria Angelica Caruso is an American born dancer, choreographer, actor, director, academic, social activist, fitness and wellness practitioner, and entrepreneur whose enterprise encompasses brand models focused in the arts, education, entertainment, and wellbeing sectors. Caruso's multifaceted conglomerate comprises of four performance companies, a dance conservatory, a fitness program, and a dance movement therapy system, all under the auspices of the Bodiography brand. The alliance of organizations under her leadership include a production syndicate titled M-Train Productions, the dance conservatory Bodiography Center for Movement, and an affiliation with an academic institution of higher learning at La Roche University where she directs creative and innovative initiatives in the Performing Arts Department. All the encompassing entities led by Ms. Caruso's vision are known for their commitment to health and wellness in the arts and their championing of positive change in communities regionally and globally.

In addition to her catalog of over 100 ballets created specifically for her Bodiography artists, her choreographic works have been innovated for a collection of the world’s most esteemed dance companies, earning them support from their respective ministries of culture and tourism. As a dramatic stage performer, Caruso is best know for her critically acclaimed solo, Metamorphosis, which began off-Broadway in 2021 and followed with a global tour and West End run in the summer of 2022.

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